Adesso (CyberTablet Z12) 10" x 6.25" Slim Tablet







10" x 6" Widescreen Ultra Slim Graphics Tablet
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CyberTablet Z12 USB WINDOWS 7/VISTA/XP/2000/Mac OSX

The CyberTablet Z12 features a 10"x 6.25" work space for drawing, handwriting, sketching, coloring and picture editing. This tablet enables you to control the pressure level of the pen. With a 1024 lop (level of pressure) you could adjust the lightness or thickness. It features accurate pressure sensitivity to accomplish the most sophisticated computer-aided designing tasks. A powerful, yet easy-to-use combination of an ergonomic pen, tablet and software lets you naturally draw and write freehand graphics and text as comfortably as you would on real paper. The possibilities are endless with this ultra slim, portable graphics tablet- plus its small enough to go wherever you go.


Handwriting Recognition
This new recognition technology efficiently and accurately converts a wide variety or handwriting styles into typed text. All you need is Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista and the CyberTablet Z12, and your handwriting will be instantly converted into typed text with the stroke of your pen.


Mark up, Sign, and More in Microsoft Office 2007
Always wanted to sign your name in a Email message? Or fill out an Excel sheet with your own handwriting, well with the CyberTablet Z12, you can instantly and easily produce inking into your own office documents or handwritten letters directly into Outlook.


Presentations, seminars, and panel discussions
With the CyberTablet Z12 it has never been easier to create, edit, or emphasize your presentations or the images you want. Using your the CyberTablet Z12, you can use the stylus to write, sketch, circle, or add notes during your presentation to emphasize important points. For example, you can draw attention to something specific on the slide, like an upward trend on a graph, by using the stylus to draw, circle, or highlight the area.


Professional Graphics Tablet

Easy Programmable Hot Keys
Now it is simple to find your favorite programs at a click on your tablet. It has defined hot keys such as cut, copy and paste which curtails a certain task. You can also program 16 hot keys to fit the style of work at hand. Click, program and play. This will simplify your work.

  • USB connection for quick installation.
  • Transparent photo frame for easy personalization with photos and artwork.
  • Includes 29 Macro Keys to easily set up keyboard events.
  • High resolution, supports up to 2000 lpi..
  • Active tablet space: 10" x 6.25"


Wireless Drawing Pen

  • 1024 levels of pressure-sensitivity for natural brush control.
  • Precise, light and fast-moving cordless pen.
  • Dual mouse buttons on pen for efficiency right at your fingertips.
  • A natural digital input solution that can prevent you from injuries to your wrist.

  • 10" x 6.25" writing area, making it the ideal choice for professional computer artists.
  • Wireless 2 button pen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitive to provide all the comforts of a normal pencil.
  • High accuracy and sensitivity for a highly reactive cursor.
  • 1024 gradations of pressure sensitivity for highly accurate rendering in painting and writing.
  • No need for separate power adapter, completely USB powered.
  • High resolution, supports up to 2000 lines per inch.
  • Easy connection to USB port.
  • Dimensions: 12" x 10" x 0.35"
  • Tablets Drawing Area Dimensions: 10" x 6.25"

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Package Contents:
Professional Tablet, cordless pressure-sensitive pen, USB cable, 2 AA and 1AAA batteries, CD-ROM


  • Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
  • Mac OS X Compatible
  • Pentium 200 MHz (or equivalent) processor or higher
  • 32MB of RAM, CD ROM driver, USB port

Bundled Software:
Bundled with great value presentation software including Free Notes, Office Ink, and Power Presenter II.

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Free Notes
Show off your real handwriting and drawing skills in your e-mails. This program allows you to create reminder notes for display on your desktop. You can customize and personalize the size and colors of notes.

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Power Presenter RE II
Turn your screen into a Whiteboard/Blackboard with Microsoft PowerPoint. Its just like working with a natural pen on paper. Save all handwriting, annotation and notes whenever necessary within a presentation. The Power Presenter Kit provides the best functionality to record your notes and replay your presentation.


Office Ink
This is special software that creates digital signatures in almost any software application. Allowing you to secure documents faster in the digital age simply by signing your name with this special Office Ink software.


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Works Great With:

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Corel Photo Paint
LView Pro V2.85
MetaCreation Art Dabbler
Toon Boom Studio
Abode Illustrator 9 to CS4
Satori WebFX 2000 V3.02
MacroMedia Freehand
MetaCreation Painter
Animator Studio
Adobe Photo Deluxe
Roxio PhotoSuite
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